Dianne Abbott slammed for criticising MET Police’s moped crime tactics

The Shadow Home Secretary sparked a massive row after criticising the police on Twitter

Dianne Abbott

SHADOW HOME SECRETARY Dianne Abbott has sparked anger after criticising the Met’s tactic of ramming moped criminals off their bikes.

The Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington blasted the new tactic, and in a tweet on Tuesday stated: Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone.

“Police are not above the law”.

However, officers from forces across London have responded angrily to Abbott, claiming that while the tactical take-downs did involve some risk, it was more dangerous to allow the criminals to continue riding in an out-of-control manner.

A spokesperson for Camden Police, which has one of the highest rates of moped-enabled crime in London, commented: “Someone who's responsible for law-making (or at least debating and ratifying new legislation) should probably realise that using tactical contact to terminate dangerous pursuits is entirely within our lawful power... And our responsibility.”

A member of the public responded saying: “Surely you can terminate a dangerous pursuit by ceasing to pursue?!”

The spokesperson replied: “There are plenty of instances where a terminated pursuit has later ended up with the suspect vehicle crashing, and causing more injury and damage than if it had been terminated as safely as possible in the circumstances at an opportune moment.”

Waltham Forest Police force also replied to Abbott's tweet, saying: "To mitigate risk to the public & also offenders, we use a range of tactics including tactical contact. There has been a significant reduction in motorcycle & scooter crime with a decrease of 10,974 offences to date this year in comparison to 2017”.

And The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest Community has also shown their outrage, sharing a compilation video showing the violent moped thugs in action, with the caption: "To anyone against Police knocking these scumbags from their bikes and who opposes this law like Diane Abbott. Should stop, watch the video and think again. 

"Action speaks louder than words.‬"