Deus Ex Clearout

Custom builders drop prices to clear stock

CUSTOM builders Deus Ex Machina have managed to make quite a stir since appearing on the scene six years ago.

The firm's take on retro-cool cafe racers, usually with an intentionally 'home-made' style and an aura of surf culture around them, has proved a hit, ensuring that each new machine gets plenty of publicity. A mattering of celebrity customers helps – the likes of Orlando Bloom have been pictured riding Deus Ex bikes.

Now it's out to clear some of those bikes from its showroom to make way for more, so the firm's current stock has been given some price cuts to get them out of the door.

(prices in brackets are conversions at the current exchange rate)

SR420 Cafe $16,990 AUD (£10,640)

It might be a 2003 bike, but with only 528km on the clock it's basically new. The motor's bored to 420cc and the looks are traditional cafe racer with a hint of modernity in the wavy brake discs and up-to-date calipers.

SR400 Hardtail $14,500 AUD (£9039)

Another '03 bike, again with nearly no miles on it (well, 556km). Hardtail frame and bobber styling mean zero practicality. You'd look cool on it if you were a Hollywood A-lister. If you're just Dave from Wigan, it might be a tougher sell...

W650 Hardtail £16,900 AUD (£10,535)

As above, but it's based on a 20,000km Kawasaki W650...

“King Kenny” XS650 $13,500 AUD (£8454)

A street-tracker style, 1973 bike with only 1000km on the clock. Yes, you could probably make one for less money, but this is a Deus Ex bike, so...

MT-01 $17,990 AUD (£11,215)

Ask a Yamaha dealer and he'll probably admit that selling MT-01s isn't the world's easiest task. The Deus Ex treatment might make this one easier to shift, although it's arguably not the firm's finest work...

SR542: $17,990 AUD (£11,215)

Yet another SR, this one's got a blueprinted 542cc motor. A “stump puller of a donk” to use the Australian phraseology. Yes, it's a lot of money.