Danes face having their motorcycle confiscated for ‘insane’ riding

Danish authorities are confiscating three motorcycles a day for what the authorities is claiming is ‘insane’ riding

Danes face having their motorcycle confiscated for ‘insane’ riding

FOR many the definition of insane is still believing in unicorns, the Easter bunny, flat earth, or that Donald Trump's hair is his own. In Denmark though, heading out for a ride on a weekend could have you being branded as insane, and it could end up with your bike being confiscated.

The rules first came into force in March 2021, and in a nutshell, allow the police and authorities to enforce much stricter penalties for what is deemed to be dangerous and illegal riding or driving. That even runs right the way up to the vehicle being seized by the authorities – regardless of whether they are the registered keeper of it!

The scheme isn’t just aimed at residents of the Nordic beauty spot, those travelling in and through the nation are also liable. FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations) reports that anyone touring in or through, holidaying, or on business in Denmark, using two wheels or four is liable to be hit with the same penalties. That would mean should you be riding through Denmark on a hired Harley-Davidson for instance, and your riding is deemed to be dangerous, you’ll likely be liable for the loss of the bike should it get confiscated.

Oh, and the confiscation doesn’t mean you’ll be taking a trip to the pound, paying your fines, looking apologetic, and getting the bike back. The seized machines are sent off and sold at auction to the highest bidder!

The system seems to be working too, as FEMA reports that Danish rozzers are now confiscating around three vehicles a day. In the first six months after the new rules came into force, the police seized a total of 510 vehicles, while 623 charges have been filed in 586 cases involving insane driving.

The moral of the story: If you’re planning to ride in Denmark once restrictions make it feasible – take your time, or you’ll be walking back to the airport!

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