Female motorcyclist world record attempt at Triumph HQ

Moto Advisor is attempting to beat the record for the world’s largest female biker meet at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience this July

World's Largest Female Biker Meet

A world record attempt is to take place this July, as Moto Advisor is attempting to break the current record for the world’s largest female biker meet.

Set to take place at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience on July 24th, the attempt is being organised by Moto Advisor, a UK Facebook group set up by biking enthusiasts, Sherrie Woolf, and Nimi Patel.

Initially called South East Link Up, Moto Advisor quickly grew in popularity amongst the online female biking community, and the sensible next step was to tap into that following, and organise a motorcycle meet-up on the grandest of scales!

In 2015, achieved a world record for the largest number of all-female riders at a single bike meet. The event took place at the iconic biker’s hang-out, The Ace Café, London, where 618 female riders gathered to break the record. In the following years, record attempts have been made globally in Australia and the USA, however, the current record still remains in the UK with 1,132 female riders who met at a single bike meet in Shropshire in 2017.

The initiative aims to bring women together as a growing target for the motorcycle industry, with the goal of encouraging the development of a wider range of products suitable for female riders and to inspire others to live their passion.

Sherrie Woolf, Moto Advisor, said: “We are keen to show the motorcycle industry that the female market is financially worthwhile catering to. There are over 300,000 female motorcycle licence holders in the UK alone. We also want to encourage and support more women to enjoy riding and get involved in all aspects of biking; from road riding, track days, off-roading, rallies, stunting, touring, and anything else that is possible on two-wheels. The social aspect and kinship of the biking community is special, whether male or female, turning up to an event alone, you are guaranteed to leave with lots of new friends.”

To check out the event for yourself, head to the events page on Facebook here.

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