Council are a 'brick wall' says Plymouth MAG

Police mark Plymouth as 'biker death hotspot', council dragging their heels

PLYMOUTH MAG have claimed that Plymouth City Council won't work with them to improve road safety.

MAG's Plymouth group have compiled a report that compares death and injury tolls in 10 cities where the population is around 250,000. Using these figures, supplied by the police, the report names Plymouth as third-worst for fatalities and serious injury collisions and top for non-serious injury collisions which includes broken bones.

The Plymouth MAG group says they have tried to set up a meeting with the local council on two occasions but have been 'brushed off' by the council who claim they are reviewing their road safety work.

Plymouth MAG have three rider training schools interested, along with Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue, and the NHS but the one crucial missing piece is Plymouth City Council.

"We just want to sit down and work out how to stop these deaths and injuries on our roads." said Peter Bourner of Plymouth MAG.