Humber bridge motorcycle toll scrapped

Ride over the bridge as many times as you like, for nowt!

THE TOLL charge for motorcycles crossing the Humber Bridge have been scrapped.

In 2010 the officials in charge of the bridge applied to the Department for Transport asking for the motorcycle toll - then at £1.20 - to be scrapped as it wasn't worth their time collecting it.

The new charges were introduced on April 1st. Cars have had their fees halved to £1.50 and HGVs are expected to save around a third on their charge which was up to £12 per crossing. The £1.30 motorcycle charge has been scrapped completely.

In 2011, the government cleared £150m of the bridge's £330m debt and at the start of 2012, the four councils surrounding the Humber agreed to divide the remaining debt equally. The government claims the new charging structure will boost the regional economy by £250m.

The toll changes have been credited to local businesses and campaigners who claimed the charges have affected local trade. At midnight members of the local Motorcycle Action Group took part in a celebratory crossing of the bridge.