Continental develops cornering ABS for motorcycles

New system helps maintain stability under braking whilst cornering

BOSCH'S cornering ABS system has its first competitor from fellow German firm Continental.

Having developed and manufactured ABS systems for motorcycles for over 10 years, Continental has now launched its new ‘Optimised Curve Braking’.

BMW’s new S1000XR, available in summer 2015, will be the first production motorcycle kitted out with the system.

It monitors roll, pitch, lateral acceleration and lean angle around 100 times per second to help maintain stability under braking whilst cornering.

Continental says: ‘As the rider leans more into a curve, the system further limits the speed of the brake-pressure increase at the beginning of braking. The resultant braking pressure accumulates in a more gradual fashion.

‘Advantages of the optimised curve braking result in a more sensitive response, greater stability and optimum braking, even in curves for the driver.’

Ronan Le Roy, head of Continental’s Chassis and Safety Division, said: ‘Thanks to optimised curve braking, braking in curves is more stable and therefore more predictable. The danger of having an accident in a curve is reduced and safety increased.’

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