Colin Furze’s record-breaking CBR600-powered dodgem

Top Gear's Stig sets 100mph world record - 95mph faster than average dodgem

HERE'S YouTube stuntman and inventor Colin Furze’s latest project: a 100hp CBR600-powered dodgem which Top Gear’s Stig drove at 100mph.

Top Gear’s 'tame racing driver' set a Guinness World Record with an average speed of 100.3mph in the bumper car at Bentwaters Airfield, Suffolk, last week.

The usual average speed of a dodgem is 5mph.

Furze said: “Stig’s at his happiest when he’s making the slow, fast, so what better way to celebrate the new series of Top Gear than by taking a rusty old bumper car and converting it into the ultimate fairground speed machine.”

Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi said: “We’re all used to seeing The Stig driving at high speed, but he’s usually in a sports car and on a race track. To see him hurtle past in a classic bumper car at 100mph was surreal, but hugely impressive.

“Equally as impressive is the engineering expertise of Colin Furze.”

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