'Careless cyclist' prosecuted for injuring biker

Deaf by iPod?

A student who left a motorcyclist with a broken collar bone has been charged with careless cycling.

The Clare College student caused the crash while cycling wearing headphones.

Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard how Jin-Hyung Lee was travelling in the same direction as the motorcyclist, who was overtaking when Lee suddenly turned right across the path of the motorcycle.

The 19-year-old undergraduate was fined £200, ordered to pay £300 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Pc Stuart Appleton, the prosecuting officer, said: ‘This is a rare charge. I have been in the police force for eight years and never come across it before. The cyclist was wearing iPod speakers which we think had a big part to play in the accident as he would not have been able to hear the traffic. Given the seriousness of the accident and how badly the victim was hurt, we felt it necessary to prosecute in this case.’