Caught speeding with no bike?

Swiss biker narrowly avoids ban

A Swiss biker has been caught speeding, even though he wasn’t on his bike at the time.

Boris Maier, 38, from Bern, was clocked doing 107 kph (66.49mph) in an 80 kph zone despite the fact that he was traveling up the road five feet away from his bike. A police spokesman said, "It appears that he suddenly saw the speed camera and lost control as he tried to slow down."

Maier suffered only scratches and bruises in the accident. A police spokesman said had Maier been travelling at 110 kph instead of 107 kph, he would have lost his licence.

He now faces a fine.

We posted a similar story in 2008 of a dutch biker caught by a speed camera following his crash. Click to see the picture.

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