Broke Kidd forced to auction prized stunt bikes

Former daredevil Eddie Kidd to part with jump bikes as financial pressures mount

FORMER motorcycle stunt rider Eddie Kidd is to sell the motorcycles used in a variety of his world record-breaking stunts, as the disabled rider struggles to cope with ongoing financial woes, it has been revealed.

The 51-year-old has been wheelchair-bound since sustaining massive spinal injuries when he crashed during a long-distance jump in 1996.

Kidd now lives off disability benefits in a rented home.

Kidd's Honda CR500, the bike on which he once jumped the Great Wall of China, and the Honda XR500 he was riding when he had his life-changing accident, are to go on sale at Sotheby's on October 26th.

The former daredevil, from Seaford, East Sussex, hopes to raise £35,000 with some of the money going to the Eddie Kidd Foundation charity.