Brammo and Team Industries work on electric vehicle drivetrains

Brammo team-up to create EV drivetrain solutions

ELECTRIC vehicle manufacturer Brammo has set up a three-year partnership with Team Industries to develop new drivetrains for electric vehicles.

The Minnesota-based firm, who will become an investor in Brammo, currently produce continuously variable transmissions, four-wheel drive systems, axles, transmissions, transaxles and electric drivetrains.

David Ricke, President and CEO of Team, said: ‘The electric vehicle market is a growth market and Team and Brammo will be providing a wide range of solutions for OEM manufacturers.

‘Brammo has developed motorcycle race winning EV technology and we will be partnering with them to bring this technology to adjacent markets.’

In 2011, Team Industries was placed in off-road vehicle manufacturer Polaris’ Hall of Fame for its contributions to the company, which include developing clutches and designing transmissions for Polaris ATVs.

Craig Bramscher, CEO and founder of Brammo, said: ‘It is critical to our success that we continue to build our strong reputation for quality and innovation,

‘Team Industries has an outstanding track record of developing and delivering performance and reliability enhancing drive train components to OEMs. We are very excited to work with Team to create a broad range of EV drivetrain solutions for diverse markets around the world.’

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