Boorman and McGregor planning another Long Way Down?

Intrepid adventurers seek new thrills

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EWAN McGregor and Charley Boorman are talking about a third motorcycle adventure, according to Boorman.

In an interview on Saturday Morning Kitchen, Boorman talked about his motorcycle adventures with actor-pal McGregor and said that the duo were in discussion about a third adventure follow-up to Long Way Round and Long Way Down.

The pair hit the headlines in 2004 when they started off on their Long Way Round motorcycle adventure, riding east from London to New York. In 2007, the pair's next trip was called Long Way Down, where they rode from Scotland to South Africa.

Since the Long Way episodes, Boorman has filmed By Any Means and Extreme Frontiers. In By Any Means, Boorman headed from Ireland to Australia, using any transport available. The program often showed Boorman freaking out when locals tried to make him to anything slightly off-track. In Extreme Frontiers, Boorman heads across Canada on his motorcycle and suffers a panic attack when diving in Lake Huron. Karl Pilkington, eat your heart out.

What are your suggestions for the next in the Long Way episodes?