Bodmin Bikers lend a hand to Cornish residents

A group of bikers from the small Cornish town of Bodmin have taken to delivering medicines to residents during COVID-19 lockdown

Bodmin Bikers

A merry band of motorcyclists called the Bodmin Bikers has become a vital lifeline to self-isolating residents in the small Cornwall town of Bodmin.

The team has even received high-level acclaim in recent days, receiving a donation from the mayor of Bodmin for fuel and costs, free meals for staff from a local takeaway and coverage on the BBC.

The group, made up of 16 motorcyclists and two car drivers, has been helping out the residents of the town by picking up prescriptions and essential foods like bread and milk for stranded residents or those not well enough to leave the house.

The group was set up by Kye Smith who already works within the emergency services, who is joined by chefs, a mechanic and a whole cross-section of the Bodmin community.

The group was started after Kye got a message asking who people should go about collecting essentials when they were self-isolating. Kye and a few of his friends got together and decided they’d start going out and collecting them for them. From their the group has grown in numbers and notoriety, with the group having to set up a Facebook page to help them organise their drops.

If you live in the Bodmin area and need some essential food or medicines collecting, or no somebody who is vulnerable and unable to leave the house but needs a helping hand, get in touch with the team via their Facebook page -

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