BMW Motorrad USA offers compensation packages to R1200RT owners after suspension recall

American owners given a number of compensation options

BMW Motorrad USA is offering owners a number of options in response to the failing suspension on the 2014 R1200RT.

On June 5, R1200RT owners were instructed by BMW to stop riding their bikes, saying there is no guarantee a component in the rear suspension would not fail.

The instruction affects 2014-model-year R1200RTs with the latest liquid-cooled boxer engine and semi-active ‘Dynamic ESA’ suspension.

Although rumoured to be in August or September, BMW are yet to know when a solution for the affected bikes could be. In the meantime, BMW Motorrad USA has given owners a choice of three options.

Those happy to wait will be compensated $2,500 (£1,470) once the repair is complete. Owners wanting a loan bike will be provided with one until a repair on their bike is complete, providing them also with $1,000 (£587) to use against BMW accessories or the payment of their RT. For owners no longer wanting to keep their R1200RT, BMW Motorrad USA will buy the bike back from them at original purchase price and give them $1,000 to use towards the purchase of a different BMW motorcycle.

Around 500 of the bikes have been sold in the UK and although an official compensation package is yet to be released by BMW Motorrad UK, the firm has reportedly kept owners mobile by loaning them BMW cars and motorcycles whilst their R1200RT is off the road.