BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic set has us updating our list to Santa

The BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic brings the flagship German sportsbike should satisfy those who can't quite stretch to the £30,000 price tag...

BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic
BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic

How can you not love LEGO? Forget the notion it is only for children, there is something inherently satisfying clicking those bricks together with create a house, your own angular race track or - if you are very enthusiastic - an entire metropolis that takes over your life and home.

We prefer to keep things a little more modest though and lean towards LEGO’s endlessly brilliant Technic range, which allows you to create remarkably detailed scale models of all manner of machinery, albeit in that inimitable rugged LEGO style.

There have been a litany of different motorcycles getting the LEGO Technic treatment over the years - including the Ducati Panigale V4 and the generic Harley-Davidson hog - but with Christmas just around the corner, there is another to add to our list in the form of the BMW M 1000 RR.


BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic
BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic

With just over 1,900 pieces to assemble, this isn’t your quick creation, this will take painstaking effort, time and patience, which poses a problem with my chunky ham-jointed digits.

However, the final product will be worthwhile when you clasp eyes on the 1:5 scale creation, which LEGO insists makes it one of the largest motorcycles it has ever produced at 17 inches long and 10 inches tall.

As well as getting those wings, headlights and swingarm down to a tee, LEGO has added a separate display stand and even an information plate.

While the synonymous blocky LEGO construction means there is some imagination to be used when seeing the BMW M 1000 RR in its final Danish glory, we actually rather like the more angular detailing of it. 

BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic
BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic

And if you are having trouble engaging your imagination, the BMW M 1000 RR’s recognisable white, blue and red colour scheme should jog it.

If you are hoping to unwrap this on Christmas Day, you’ll have to wait a little longer as the BMW M 1000 RR LEGO Technic isn’t on sale until January 1st… and it'll be a snip at £174.99.

But if you can’t wait that long, a little trawl on a well-known website named after a rainforest reveals you can get all manner of LEGO Technic motorcycles, including the Kawasaki Ninja 400, MV Agusta F4 and BMW R 1250 GS Adventure.

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