BMW iBikes in the pipeline

Zero emission bikes are cars and closer to production

BMW has announced that it's long-running “Project i” will become a standalone brand simply called i.

The idea is that anything carrying the “i” name will be low or zero emissions, and designed for urban use.

In the immediate future, the firm plans to launch two cars under the banner – an i3 runabout and an i8 sports car – but throughout Project i the firm has also been working on two and three-wheeled machines.

The C.L.E.V.E.R – a leaning three wheeler – was one of the earlier Project i prototypes, as was the firm's Simple concept, which also followed the leaning trike layout. And if the  electric “Mini” scooter revealed last year reaches production, it too could be linked to the “i” brand.

But does adding a lower-case “i” to a product's name really make it modern and exciting? And what will Apple have to say about it? Over to you...