BMW helmet recall

'No safety risk' but helmets don't meet European standard, says BMW

BMW HAS launched a recall of a motorcycle crash helmet because it does not meet a European standard.

The German manufacturer is asking owners to return ‘BMW Sport’ helmets to authorised dealers, who will exchange them for a product of equal value.

Helmets affected by the recall have the reference ‘059241/P’ printed the chin-strap label. BMW says they will be exchanged irrespective of age.

The firm says ‘there is no safety risk to users’ but the helmets ‘do not fully meet the approval test requirements according to the European standard UNECE [Regulation] 22.05’.

According to the Department for Transport, UK law requires motorcycle helmets to either meet UNECE Regulation 22.05 or British Standard BS 6658:1985 or ‘a European Economic Area member standard offering at least the same safety and protection’.   

BMW said no other helmet models were affected. 

The firm's full press release on the recall said: 'BMW Motorrad is recalling the motorcycle helmet model "BMW Sport Helmet". Owners are asked to hand their helmet in at an authorised BMW Motorrad dealership. Regardless of the age of the helmet, the relevant model can be exchanged for another BMW Motorrad helmet or another BMW Motorrad product of equal value.

'The helmets in question can be identified by the eight-digit number to be found on the label on the chin strap. Only helmets with the ID 059241/P are affected. There is no safety risk to users of the helmet.

'The helmet models "BMW Helmet Sport" do not fully meet the approval test requirements according to the European standard UNECE R 22.05. BMW Motorrad has therefore decided to take these helmets off the market.

'No other BMW Motorrad helmets (e.g. "System helmet", "Race" and "Enduro") are affected by this campaign.'

UK owners of the BMW Sport Helmet can choose one of the following options:

  • Exchange for any other BMW helmet without payment of any additional cost
  • Can choose alternative BMW products to the value of the helmet
  • Request a BMW Motorrad Centre voucher/credit note  
  • Receive a full refund with copy of original receipt
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