Billy Connolly's trike for sale on eBay

Big Yin's three-wheeler up for £17,995

As ridden by the Big Yin himself...yours for £17,995

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SCOTTISH SUPERSTAR comedian Billy Connolly's Harley trike is up for sale on eBay.

The bike was built for the Big Yin when he toured Australia with his hilarious one-man show and has since been imported to Britain and registered. The bike's been given the number - D16 YEN, which looks like BIG YIN with a little, ahem, help.

Complete with BIG YIN number plate, sort of...

The bike also comes with loads of documentation bearing Connolly's name, including the V5 registration document.

It's being sold as a classified advert, not an auction, so the first person to come up with £17,995 buys it!!!

If you're interested in buying, or just want a look, the item number's: 280156523194