Bill Gates invests in 2-stroke engine tech

The King of Geeks backs company that could see a return to reliable and efficient two-stroke power

BILL GATES has joined the list of technology big hitters who are investing in green technology.

Gates and Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla have jointly invested £23.5 million into Detroit-based firm EcoMotors who are developing a two-stroke engine called OPOC.

The engine technology uses a twin-opposed cylinder layout and claims to make vehicles up to 50% more efficient. The OPOC engine is also half the size and weight of a conventional engine.

The firm aims to produce a car later on in 2010 that will return over 100mpg. It's thought a design for a motorcycle is also in progress.

Gates said: “EcoMotors has developed a promising technology that could help reduce levels of greenhouse gas emissions in a low-cost, globally relevant way.”