Biker specific apartments on sale in Japan

Japanese designers to build dedicated biker house with secure parking in individual enclosed bays

A dedicated house for bikers - just imagine the party!

The view down to the bike bay

FANCY A crummy council building and an old shed in the tiny back garden for
you and your bike? How about this amazing block of hi-tech apartments built
just for bikers in Japan instead?

The NE apartments by Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi and Hirofumi Ohno have been
designed for bikers so that they can ride their bikes into the middle of the
block, park them up and get to their flats without having to go outside.

The eight-unit rental apartment house complex was designed to house
motorcycle enthusiasts, with built-in garages included in every unit.

It’s probably the coolest biker building we’ve ever seen – at least if you
all live in the same building it’d make it easy to get your mates together
for that Sunday blast.