Biker boss gets 36 years inside

Gang violence. Drug running. Yes, we've checked the list of naughty things, this dude's done it all

ACCORDING to the judge that sent him down, it was within just four years after leaving prison that USA bike gang boss John Napoli took a: "Scruffy, disorganized outlaw biker gang and turned it into a well-organized $6 million crystal-meth-trafficking organization”.

Napoli, 35, president of the Breed Outlaw Motorcycle gang, used violence to keep bikers in line in the Bristol-Levittown area, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Foulkes said yesterday, urging that the defendant be sentenced to life in prison.

Napoli, among his violent attacks was even reported to have used an electric drill to bore into a rival's arm, and nearly crushed his face and dislocated an eye. He put a severely beaten rival in the hospital for four days. And he threatened to kill any associates who went to the police.

"What you did was uncivilized," said U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III yesterday before sentencing Napoli to 36 years in federal prison, followed by five years of supervised release.

Blimey, it makes being done for 36mph in a 30 limit on your Ewan and Charley replica seem less badass than we first thought..