Bike of the day: Kawasaki Z650

A brand-new Z650 for near the price of an SV650

Bike of the day: Kawasaki Z650

KAWASAKI’S Z650 has big-bike power packed into a small bike’s body.

It’s so compact you could mistake it for 300, if it wasn’t for the punchy torque pumped out by the 649cc twin. That makes it super agile and super fun.

Usually it’s not the cheapest of the middleweight twins, at £6,199 compared to £5,699 for a Suzuki SV650.

But a healthy discount makes the one you’re looking at more competitive, at £5,799 - only £100 more than the SV. It’s a 2018 model, pre-registered with zero miles on the clock, the ad says – so why not save yourself a few hundred quid?

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How it’s described:

‘Brand-new, pre-reg, 0 miles, 2018 Kawasaki Z650 for only £5799.00… Comes with an extended Kawasaki warranty worth over £340.00.’

What we think:

‘The Z650 is a really competent bike – agreeable, simple, flexible, well put together, with a good chassis, light handling and a good engine. It feels smaller than a middleweight bike should.’

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