The best Honda CB750 and CB1000R Customs at 'Glemseck 101'

Honda celebrates the CB750’s 50th birthday by demonstrating both CB750 and CB1000R motorcycles from their customisation program at Glemseck. 

Honda CB750 and CB1000R

In celebration of their original superbike's 50th birthday - the CB750 - Honda arrived in style at the 14th annual ‘Glemseck 101’ with three German dealer customisations of its Neo Sport Café flagship, the CB1000R. 

After live voting at the show, Kummich Honda were declared the winner with ‘Monoposto’ - their elegant re-working of the CB1000R, featuring a deep black and blue paint scheme, classic yellow Honda wing logo, chopped-down front mudguard and a custom high mounted ‘scrambler’ exhaust (see above). 

Along with the competition, Honda displayed a stunning Nitrous powered blacked out CB750 (see below) affectionately named, 'Starrider'. And they also completed a unique Sprint International qualifying race between IDM rider Alex Polita and Isle of Man TT racer Connor Cummins. The racers were pitted against one another on two distinctive CB1000R customs, with the winner qualifying to take part in the ‘Sprint International’ 1/8th mile invitational race.


Polita raced a CB1000R called ‘Yokozuna’, which was built in his own custom garage in Italy with the sole purpose to race at this year’s Glemseck 101. Some of Yokozuna’s modifications include: 

  • A reinforced single-sided swingarm (extended by 5cm) 

  • Hand-beaten aluminium including the large ‘Yokozuna’-branded disc over the rear wheel 

  • Holzhauer Racing modified suspension

  • HRP racing clutch

  • Hand-built exhaust mounting to a Light Tech platform

  • Three tooth larger rear sprocket and one tooth smaller front sprocket

The 107kW engine was left untouched, but the power is translated to the drag strip via an HRP racing clutch and sticky slick tyres. 


Multiple Isle of Man TT podium winner Conor Cummins faced Polita on the CB1000R-adical, designed by Ulfert Jansson and built Stefan Fuhrer (former 125cc world champ) of Fuhrer Moto.

Along with a host of smart design choices and cutting-edge technology, the CB1000-adical is topped off with a bespoke seven-layer camouflage paint-scheme. 

Modifications to the CB1000-Radical include:

  • Rotobox carbon fibre wheels

  • CeraCarbon Racing front forks

  • Custom carbon fibre sprockets.

  • A lowered headlight that has been moved forward by 60mm and a 

  • Reclaimed CBR600RR belly pan.

  • Titanium and carbon fibre Akrapovic silencer

About the Honda motorcycles on display | Monoposto – Kummich Honda (winner)

Featuring a deep black and blue custom paint scheme, complete with a classic retro yellow Honda Wing logo, Kummich Honda completed their bike with Motogadget indicators, black LSL handlebars, Rizoma fluid reservoirs, braided hoses, a cut-down front mudguard, scrambler exhaust complete with extended exhaust wrapping and engraved side panels with the names ‘Monoposto’ and ‘Kummich’ taking centre stage. 

CB1000R by Buselmeier

Buselmeier equipt their custom CB1000R with an SC Project Exhaust, R&G tail tidy, Fechter sprocket covers, Kellermann Rhombus Dark LED indicators, Probike lever guards and braided brake lines. A higher handlebar hosts Ferrara II mirrors and the bike was finished off with a Grand Prix-inspired paint scheme.

CB1000R by Fischer & Bohm

Unmistakable with its bright red powder nitride frame and silver bodywork the Fischer & Bohm’s custom has Rhombus Dark LED indicators, with Spiegler supplied handlebars, levers and brake lines. It’s topped off with Rizoma reservoirs and bar ends, Akrapoviċ exhaust and tailtidy. 

The CB750 ‘Starrider’

‘Made in the Shade’, the Starrider sports a custom carbon tank and rear wheel covers, full LED lighting and a unique WIG-welded rear subframe. It has modern controls and minimal digital clocks, and the frame houses the classic Honda CB750 powerplant.

Which CB1000R stole the show for you? 

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