BBC's anti-bike bias on their website

Visordown spots wayward reporting that paints a bad image of bikers to the wider public

CHECK this web page out from the BBC and see if you think the headline and
words pasted under the video are biased against bikes.

We've watched the report and reckon it's pretty good, the Aussie bloke in
the East Midlands reporting team does a balanced and fair job about the THINK!
campaign in the area.

So why then do the BBC put the headline: Motorbike deaths increasing?
And then why do they put: The number of people killed in motorcycle crashes
is increasing, safety experts have said, under the video window?

Go here to see it, and then let the BBC know your thoughts on how they are
packaging bikers to the great unwashed:

Thanks BBC, shortchange us on the MotoGP coverage and now do this -
sometimes we've got wonder why bikers should bother being nice at all...