Are Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor about to take the 'Long Way Up'?

Boorman hinted on Instagram in a post this morning...

IT’S THE threequel that everyone has been waiting for, the ultimate adventure duo reunited and taking on the world once more.

And it could be about to become a reality.

Charley Boorman has hinted at a third instalment to the hugely popular ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down’ series, with an Instagram post showing himself and Ewan McGregor alongside directors/producers Russ Malkin and David Alexanian.

The photos, which were taken at the premiere of McGregor’s latest film Christopher Robin, are captioned: “Thanks Ewan for a fantastic night. Great movie Christopher Robin. Nice to get us together. Can’t wait for #longwayup.”

Does that mean plans are already in the pipeline? Or are we reading too much into what is but a joke by Boorman?

Fans seem pretty keen, with hundred of excited comments pleading for the trip to be made. 

But where would the trip take the intrepid duo? Up from the bottom of South America perhaps, or into the Arctic Circle?

And then there's the matter of the motorcycles. In Long Way Round McGregor and Boorman rode R1150GS models, and they used its successor - the R1200GS - for the Long Way Down. But now Boorman is an ambassador for Triumph, could we see a pair of Tigers take on the televised trip?

Here at Visordown, we seriously hope Long Way Up will happen. Because after all, what goes down must come up, right?


fluke's picture

If they are going to take Tigers, they better take a back up dealership with :-)

fluke's picture

If they are going to take Tigers, they better take a back up dealership with :-)

fluke's picture

why does this site double up posts?

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I think you got it backwards! It's the BMWs that need the dealership support. If you'll recall, their original trip ended up with two of the BMWs breaking their frames. And since then, BMW has done little to cure the constant oil leaks, electrical problems, shaft drive bearing issues, etc. Meanwhile I know a number of people who beat the crap out of their Tiger 800XC's and have ZERO problems with them.

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I had a '16 reg 1215 XCX for 18 months which I bought new - it spent more time in the dealership than any other bike I have ever owned. Using the 800 will be far more sensible from a picking it up when they fall over point of view anyway - I can't comment on the reliability of the 800.

Never one to miss an opportunity... I suspect Charlie taking the opportunity to talk up some buzz for an upcoming project.
Whether it is a lone effort project or the third installment remains to be seen.
It would be a fun watch, either way.

Don't for get Ewan is Ambassador to Guzzi.

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