Aprilia RS660 Trofeo price and availability confirmed

The track-only version of the Aprilia RS660 is now available to buy from the Factory Works website

Aprilia RS660

THE Aprilia RS660 may have been tested, reviewed, and ridden on the road, but the bike we all really want to get our hands on is the track-only Trofeo version of the bike.

First announced at the tail end of last year, the Trofeo takes the RS660, reduces weight, increases power, and adds a long list of tasty go-faster goodies. Aimed at those looking to take part in the RS660 one-make series, the bike could also be eligible for the Isle of Man TT if ran in the Lightweight TT class.

Aprilia RS660 Trofeo price, spec, and availability

The Trofeo is priced at €14,700 excluding VAT and is only available on request from the dedicated Aprilia Racing Factory Works website.

Internally the Trofeo has been fettled, with the parallel-twin now producing 105hp. The engine maps now all produce full power, and the secondary air system has no been deleted. The clutch and alternator covers are now lightweight aluminium. Crowning the right side of the bike is a track-only exhaust system by SC Project Racing.

The chassis of the bike is also upgraded, with modified forks featuring Andreani internals and an Öhlins AP948 rear shock absorber, with hydraulic adjustment of spring preload and compression and rebound.

Could we see the Trofeo racing at events like the Isle of Man TT?

The chances are that we will see multiple RS660s heading over to the Isle of Man in 2022. With 105hp out of the box, even the more expensive version of the RS660 offers a cost-effective and simple package, that’s almost a match for the established competition.

The engine of choice for Lightweight TT pilots has for some time been the Kawasaki Z650 unit. But to turn one of those into a 100+bhp race bike is pricey. The option to drop significantly less on an RS660, and still have a competitive outfit will be an option we expect plenty of riders to take up.

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