Anti-bike legislation demo. 25/09/11

MAG organising a mass protest against proposed EU bike legislation

Anti-bike legislation demo. 25/09/11

THE Motorcycle Action Group are organising a mass protest against proposed EU bike legislation currently being discussed that will introduce mandatory DayGlo clothing for all riders, 'anti-tampering' regulations and roadside stop-and-check procedures.

In defence of motorcycling MAG have planned a rider demo with a peaceful protest taking place from selected motorway and dual carriageway services, heading on to countrywide rides against the anti-bike plans. Taking place on Sunday 25th September from noon.

Some of the main issues brought to attention are:

¦ Anti Tampering Regulation and specifically article 18, which wants to stop all modifciations to the complete bike power train, from the airbox through to controlling rear tyre profiles

¦ Article 52, which states: “If systems, components or separate technical units on a list in a delegated act to this regulation, have a dual use, for vehicles intended exclusively for racing and for vehicles intended for use on public roads, they may not be sold or offered for sale to consumers.” For example, if a K&N air filter can fit a CBR race bike and a CBR road bike, the best way to police that is to make it illegal to sell the filter in Europe

¦ Compulsory ABS for all bikes. MAG wishes to have it available as a switchable option in conditions where ABS does not work well  – for example off-road

¦ On board diagnostics: this will enable easy roadside checks of emissions so that constant read-outs of engine performance can be taken, which could lead to a ‘tacho style’ monitoring of riding style

¦ Not to have the wearing of DayGlo clothing made compulsory for riders and/or pillions as is being proposed in France and Ireland.

¦ Forthcoming EU bike licence directive 3DLD to step the bike licencing system further, due to be transposed into law by Jan 2013.

All the start points will on the MAG website nearer the day.

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