Millenium Bridge trials crossing

French trials ace wall rides across elevated bridge in Gateshead

FREESTYLE trials rider Julien Dupont helped celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gateshead's Millennium Bridge in a unique manner - by wall riding across the elevated bridge.

Dupont surprised the morning commuters on Tyneside, after waiting for the bridge to be raised to its full height, the Frenchman then jumped onto the walkway to ride over the bridge in its elevated position. The crossing was not without drama as Julien briefly lost traction on the ascent and came close to losing his trials bike into the river below - only to recover grip and complete the impressive ride.

The bridge is known to locals as 'the blinking eye', and the action was over no sooner than Julien had mounted the bridge and ridden over it. After the crossing, an exhilarated yet relieved Julien said: “I am constantly looking for interesting and unique structures to conquer as this is the challenge for all freestyle motorbike trials riders; I want to keep pushing the boundaries of this sport and this project showed that.”

Watch the crossing and check out some of Julien Duponts' mesmerising riding here.