Another Harley-Davidson owned by Elvis Presley is up for sale!

But the model of the one is probably not something you are expecting!

Harley-Davidson Golf Cart

A Harley-Davidson built golf cart owned by Elvis Presley is about to go under the hammer for an eye-watering amount of money!

Unbeknown to many (us included), Harley-Davidson when through another period of diversification in the last half of the 20th century. One of the ways they looked to increase their income was to build these quirky looking golf carts that featured an unsteady looking, two-at-the-front and one-at-the-back wheel configuration!

Elvis being the perennial Harley-Davidson fan and all-American hero, took delivery of this machine May 1967, paying $1,055 dollars for the pleasure. Graceland Auctions, the company behind the sale, claims that Elvis rarely played golf, instead opting to use the golf cart to get around his 14-acre estate. No doubt in The King’s later, more fulfilled, burger-loving years, the cart would have come in handy with transporting his considerable frame about the place – best check the suspension over then!

Harley built the golf carts between 1963 and 1982. Opting for good ol’ petrol power over any silly batteries or electric motors. The golf cart sports a 1 ‘Elvis’ licence plate and is 241.3 cm) long, 109.22 cm wide and 99.06 cm tall. The serial number of the cart is "3B19572H5;" the "3B" indicates it was produced in the 1963-1981 period. The accompanying receipts narrow that down to early 1967, since the cart was purchased in May of that year.

The cart has minimum bid of $30,000 with a fairly optimistic estimate of $60 to $70k!

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