Ex-Chris Walker Suzuki GSX-R750 BSB bike up for sale!

Grab a piece of BSB history in the form of two BSB Suzuki GSX-R750s raced by Chris Walker and John Crawford

Cresent Suzuki GSX-R750 BSB

THE iconic Suzuki GSX-R750 BSB bikes raced by Chris Walker and John Crawford are currently up for sale on the auction site eBay!

The sale, which could turn somebody’s garage into the ultimate BSB memorabilia hoard, includes both of the factory supplied XR0-9 race machines, team clothing, branded garage walling, race programmes from the 2020 season and all team paperwork, factory manuals and authentication documents.

Cresent Suzuki GSX-R750 BSB

Both machines have been regularly paraded and raced at events up and down the country and come in turn-key condition and ready to ride – or probably leave in the living room to drool at!

The bikes mark a golden age of the BSB, when manufacturer participation was high, budgets were astronomical, and the racing was as cut-throat as anything you’d see on the MotoGP.

The description of the sale on eBay reads:

"Crescent Suzuki
National Tyres/Clarion Suzuki GSX-R 750. XR0-9 Factory team bikes.

This year happens to be the 20th anniversary of this memorable BSB Season that many fans consider as "THE" most exciting, action-packed domestic race seasons to date.

Suzuki GSX-R740 BSB Race Bikes for Sale

#.2 Chris Walker. 
Finished runner up to Neil Hodgson after a titanic battle all season where they famously traded paint several times. This bike managed 9 wins and 16 podiums in total that year. 
Chris also had wildcard entries into World superbikes aboard this bike, famously overtaking Frankie Chili on the last lap at Donington along with Neil Hodgson to take the podium.
This is the actual bike that dropped a valve losing Walker the BSB title in 2000 with only 4 laps to go at Donington.
To date, this is Walker's best season in BSB.
Apart from removing the Motec dash and replacing it with an analoge kit rev counter this bike was kept original and on show at Crescent Suzuki until 2013.

#.11 John Crawford . 
Finished a respectable 8th in the championship on his first year as a Superbike rider after winning the Supersport title with Crescent Suzuki the year before.
John also had wild card entries in World Superbikes during 2000 aboard this bike.
This bike was sold to a private collector by Crescent racing in 2002 who stored the bike prior to emigrating. I purchased the bike in 2006 and since then has undergone a full restoration by Dave Hagen (Cheif Eng for Crescent 2000/2001 and original builder of both bikes and factory engines). This bike was missing its original electronics when i purchased it as the Pectel system Crescent was using in 2000 was an R+D project for Pectel and so was handed back to them. The bike now runs a modern Yoshimura EM PRO system which allows for much better / safer fuel setup than the 20yr old Pectel kit. However, if the buyer for some reason wished to return the bike to 100% original I will supply the original Pectel wiring harness. They then need only to buy a 2nd hand T6 ECU and copy the Walker bike ignition chip.

Both of these machines are genuine factory XR09 bikes verified and confirmed as genuine by Crescent Racing owner Paul Denning, Dave Hagen, and Team Classic Suzuki.
Both bikes have enjoyed a no expense spared life in my possession are ready be ridden and paraded. 
They have attended numerous public displays in my charge including: Motorcycle Live, Goodwood, Chris Walker open days, Suzuki GB events, Classic Suzuki days, BSB events, Knockhill rewind classic, and Sywell. 


To compliment the sale of both these team bikes i have all the team clothing that was not available to the public, original Pit walling for JC's side of the garage, VIP packs, magazines, Every BSB and WSBK race program from 2000 that these bikes competed in, manuals, team paperwork, factory parts manuals (unobtanium) and of course authentication docs.

IF... You are genuinely in a position to buy these bikes and have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Cresent Suzuki GSX-R750 BSB

Walker’s bike is the very same machine that came home 2nd in the championship to Neil Hodgson who was riding the ING GSE Ducati 996. During the season, Walker and Hodgson had many notable tiffs, trading paint and harsh words on more than one occasion. Chasing down the eventual winner, Walker managed nine wins and 16 podiums, not to mention some WSBK wildcard rides on this very same bike!

Whether you’d use the bikes as track/parade machines, or simply hang them on your wall, the sale is extremely tempting, although we aren’t sure how your family will feel after you have to sell your house to cover the cost. I’m sure they’ll get used to the idea though!

The package of the bikes, the team kit and all the paperwork comes in at £118,500, with any interested parties asked to contact the seller through eBay.

To see the listing in full, head to: www.ebay.co.uk