And the UK’s most expensive place for bike insurance is…

You guessed it…

Yamaha TMAX

LONDON is the most expensive place in the UK to insure a motorcycle, unsurprisingly.

By analysing 900,000 quotes generated over a three-year period, The Bike Insurer has discovered that London, with its increasing levels of motorcycle theft and crime, accounts for the 13 most expensive places to insure a bike in the United Kingdom, with the most expensive quotes for bike owners in western-central London.

Away from the capital, cities in the north west are the most expensive places for bike insurance, with Manchester (average quote of £509), Liverpool (£503), Bolton (£492) and Oldham (£452) all more expensive than the likes of Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

The research reveals that insuring a bike in a rural area is a lot less expensive than covering one in a city, but not for the reasons you might expect. Increased rates of accidents and thefts aren’t what push up premiums, say The Bike Insurer, it’s the cost of claims in cities - £18m compared to £6.5m over the three-year period.

A breakdown for average insurance costs in London is as follows:

  • Western central London – £691
  • East London – £647
  • West London – £621
  • North West London – £620
  • North London – £606