Alex Rins’ track day-spec Suzuki GSX-R1000 is simply stunning

Alex Rins’ has revealed his Suzuki GSX-R1000 training bike and now Suzuki needs to build it for the masses

Rins GSX-R1000

SUZUKI MotoGP ace Alex Rins has put his own take on the GSX-R1000’s red and black colour scheme by unveiling Susie, his track day training bike for 2021.

Suzuki GSXR-1000R dyno run and power test

Suzuki GSX-R1000R dyno test

The Spanish rider announced the new colour scheme on his Instagram account, with the accompanying message:

“Meet the new Susie… After all the hours that we have to spend together training she deserved a new look”

Despite the lockdown restrictions that are still preventing much of the continent from getting back to normal, MotoGP riders and other elite athletes are still allowed to train under certain conditions. To allow this, Rins’ has been piloting a pretty much stock GSX-R1000 for a few seasons now. This is infact the very same bike, having just been givent the stealthy black paint job in the off-season.

The new paint is not an unfamilier combo, with GSX-Rs being adorned in this way for a good few years now. Although there is something about the addition of the racer’s numbers and a few sponsors that finishes the bike off perfectly.

There are a few subtle mods that have been carried out though, with the Akrapovič exhaust system and GBRacing engine covers being the most noticeable. That said, we wouldn’t bet against the internals of thing being lightly tweaked over standard too.

While the new images are just pictures of Rins’ personal training motorcycle, it could be that we’ve just had a sneaky peek at a future special edition paint job for the new model. We wouldn’t be surprised if Suzuki top brass was paying very close attention to amount of positive comments that ‘Susie’ gets.