'Accidental death' verdict over trackday biker

Norwich inquest hears how biker was killed 'slowing' on trackday last year

'Accidental death' verdict over trackday biker

AN INQUEST has returned a verdict of 'accidental death' into the death of an experienced motorcyclist who was killed in a three bike pile-up at Snetterton in August last year.

Engineer Philip Pall, 48, died in a three bike smash when the experienced rider suddenly slowed down in the middle of a race track, without any obvious reason.

The jury heard how Mr Pall was exiting a bend onto a straight when he suddenly slowed. Mark Hughes, riding behind him, braked sharply before the pair collided. Hughes said there was no time to do anything else. Mr Pall, from Oakham, Rutland, was then hit by another motorcyclist and died instantly from multiple injuries. Nothing was found to be wrong with his bike.

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