First Look: BeFaster Carbon Ducati 999

Got a carbon fetish? This one's right up your street then

BeFaster's carbon Ducati 999...

VISORDOWN has been sent this image of this ultra-expensive, carbon-clad Ducati 999S from German tuning house BeFaster.

The bike, which benefits from a carbon frame, wheels, swingarm and fairing, weighs a claimed 143 kg - over 30kg lighter than the original 999.

It's reported BeFaster have also tuned the Ducati's V-twin engine to produce in excess of 180bhp.

The cost? How does £130,000 grab you?

We think it's beautiful, but imagine the sound it'd make if you threw one up the road!

...with carbon this...

...and carbon that...

...yours for a cool £130,000!