Police confirm ‘no fatalities’ in A39 motorcycle and bus crash

The accident happened this morning when a bus full of workers and a motorcycle collided in icy conditions on the A39

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THE police have confirmed that the crash on the A39 has claimed no lives, although some people are being treated for serious injuries and other are classed as ‘walking wounded’.

The double-decker bus was involved in the crash with the motorcycle in the early hours of this morning, while it was carrying a confirmed 70 passengers who worked at the Hinkley Point C. Not much is known of what led to the crash, although it is known that the bus and motorcycle collided resulting in the bus overturning in icy conditions.

Of those onboard the bus, more than 50 were treated at the scene, with other, more seriously injured passengers being taken to hospital. One thing that isn’t known at this point though, is the condition of the motorcycle rider involved in the incident. Bridgwater MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger, has confirmed that three of the people involved had significant injuries. Thankfully though, the police have issued a statement confirming that no fatalities have been reported.

A39 motorcycle and bus crash

Speaking to reporters at the scene, a spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said:

‘We were called at around 6 am today (Tuesday 17 January) to the A39 Quantock Road following a road-related incident involving a double-decker bus and a motorcyclist.

‘At 6 am today (Tuesday 17 January), we were called to the A39 Quantock Road, in Bridgwater, following a report of a road-related incident involving a double-decker bus and a motorcyclist.

‘The double-decker bus was carrying 70 Hinkley Point C workers and the bus driver when it overturned.

‘The incident was initially declared a major incident due to the number of people involved and the resources required, this has since been stood down.

‘Emergency services have been on the scene since receiving the first 999 call and we can confirm there have been no fatalities at this time.’