The 5 Best Roads to Ride Your Motorbike in Europe’s Heatwave

The summer is here as Europe bakes in a heatwave... what better way than to soak it up on the motorbike. Here are 5 of Europe's BEST roads for motorbikes

The 5 Best Roads to Ride Your Motorbike in Europe’s Heatwave

Transfagarasan – DN7C


Whilst this route has undoubtedly earned itself a lease of life in terms of reputation globally thanks to Jeremy Clarkson and co. there is good reason the Transfagarasan route in Romania has grown from cultish choice to popular culture.

Though this is a fairly little-visited corner of a sparsely holidayed European nation (in western terms anyway), Romania is arguably home to some of Europe’s most incredible backdrops as the verdant Carpathian Mountains slither across large swathes of this hilly, rural nation. 

It means the land dictates man’s self-made roads, so it twists, climbs, drops and unfurls, giving it everything you could possibly want from a motorbiking route that will get the heart-pumping and the adrenaline flowing… and this is even before you stop to admire the unspoilt beauty around you.

Be careful, this isn’t a route you simply ‘do’ without a bit of preparation. It’s point-to-point, one we have measured as 156km from Cartisoara in the north to Capatanenii Ungureni in the south meaning if you start, you can’t stop until you reach your destination, or you have to turn back.

Moreover, there is a gnarly element to riding in Romania where horse and carts are still fairly commonplace, as well as tractors demonstrating little etiquette for moving over or going any faster than 1mph. There are also going to be death-wish drivers who will just overtake 67 (or so) cars in one go and occasionally keep on going in oncoming traffic in a terrifying game of chicken that nobody wins. 

We implore you use common sense, because others around you won’t. It also means getting to your destination could be anywhere between a pacey 2 hours or a frustrating 5 hours.

Either way, the roads are just magnificently satisfying and the scenery stunning enough to be raving about it for years to come. It’s the route you’ve dreamed about. Go experience it. 



Time taken

4 hours (give or take)

Why Transfagarasan is the best motorbike route in Europe

Take every brilliant motorbike road in Europe, link them together and you get the Transfagarasan

Watch out for

Irritating Instagram influencers trying to be Jeremy Clarkson