Ex-WSB star Anthony Gobert beaten so badly ‘he couldn’t be identified’

Anthony "Go Show" Gobert beaten so badly in his home doctors didn't know who he was...

Anthony Gobert

FORMER World Superbike Championship star Anthony Gobert is recovering after being involved in an altercation in which he was left so badly beaten doctors couldn’t identify him.

According to MoreBikes, ‘Go Show’ was badly beaten by intruders in his house with baseball bats, who had identified him in a restaurant earlier and followed him home.

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The attack, which took place earlier this month, was so severe Gobert could not be identified by doctors until he was able to talk and inform them of his name and details. 

A statement release by Anthony’s brother, Aaron was also reported by Road Racing World giving more details: “The Go Show wasn’t heard from in weeks. Turned out some drunk said, ‘Are you the Go Show?’ while he was out eating. He said, ‘Yes but I’m eating.’ Then they came back more drunk and one started a fight; he TKO’D that guy.

“But then his drunk friends followed him home. That night they came back in a group, kicked in his door and bashed him with bats, to almost death and put him in ICU. (He) was in such a bad way they didn’t know who he was. 

“Then when he could talk they googled him and made contact with us. He’s in a bad way and will live. All on the Gold Coast of Australia. That’s the story. Followed home and bashed by a group with bats after kicking in his door. More on his health to come.”

The Australian, who enjoyed race-winning success in World Superbikes during an on and off career that spanned from 1994 to 2006, Gobert was considered one of Superbike racing’s most talented, yet volatile competitors. 

Headlines of victories against established rivals from a young age – which briefly secured him a factory Kawasaki deal and a shot at 500ccs with Suzuki – gave way stories of failed drugs tests, addiction and court battles, making the ‘Wild Child’ one of the sport’s most elusive characters. We only hope he will bounce back from this latest vicious episode.