2014 Dakar Rally route released

Special stages introduced separating motorcycles and quads from cars and trucks

PERU is no longer part of the Dakar Rally route as of 2014 and has been replaced by Bolivia to form marathon stages for motorcycle competitors on the Salar de Uyuni - the world's largest salt flat. 

In January next year, the Dakar Rally will start in Rosario, Argentina. From Rosario, competitors will cover a total distance of over 8,500 kilometres including marathon stages for motorcycles and quads in Southern Bolivia before finishing in Valparaiso, Chile after thirteen stages. 

Two marathon stages for motorcycles will extend over two days with rules stating riders are unable receive any back-up from assistance teams. Any adjustments to vehicles will only be allowed to be done with the help of other competitors. 

Director of the Dakar, Etienne Lavigne said: "The riders in the motorcycle category will come up against a stage that stands out both for its beauty and for its toughness. Even at the end of the day they will be left to their own resources, since it will be a marathon stage where they'll only be allowed to get assistance from other riders. This is the sort of ultimate challenge we like to see in rally raids."

Special timed stages have been introduced for the 2014 Dakar splitting motorcycles and quad bikes from cars and trucks, however the overall distance for all four categories will be equal.

Motorcycle and quad competitors will face a more technical and narrower track during some stages. Overall, the new format could increase safety by eliminating situations like risky overtaking due to many vehicles on track simultaneously. 

Approximately 450 competitors from all four categories are expected to start the Dakar Rally on January 5th in Argentina with only one rest day scheduled before the final day on January 18th in Chile.