2008 GSX-R750 K8 world launch report

TWO's Jamie Whitham reports back after riding Suzuki's new GSX-R750. Is it still the sportsbike to be on?

The new GSX-R750 ... just get on and go, says Whit

I've just got back from the launch of Suzuki's 2008 GSX-R750.

It’s a mega thing, brilliant. As soon as you sit on the GSX-R750 you feel at home. The seating position is perfect. Your knees tuck under the flared out top of the tank and you feel sat right in the bike, unlike the Blade which you feel perched on top of.

During the track session I rode the bike on absolutely standard settings and it’s f'in good. You feel confident straight away, just get on and go. It’ll hold a line brilliantly and is completely unfazed and perfectly happy if the corner is bumpy or silky smooth.

On the brakes the GSX-750 is faultless. There is no point saying it’s better than anything else because everything has good brakes now, but braking down from 125mph down to 40mph or so the GSX-R was just so settled.

The power curve is really flat and it just doesn’t seem a mega quick bike. I was expecting an engine that was a bit of a hooligan, but you have to cane the 750 to get the best from it, which was a surprise, and on the track it needed to be above 9,500rpm. But it’s dead drivable and still sounds fantastic.

I’d recommend that anyone should get a GSX-R750, it’s brilliant and gives you so much confidence on the track or road. There is a reason why Suzuki sell so many 750s, they really are the perfect size, and I wish people would get over their fascination with big bikes and try a 750 for size.

You can read the full report and see the detailed opinion in the next issue of TWO.