First Look: TSS ZX-10R two-stroke

How does 250bhp in a Japanese superbike sound?

Aussie engine madness meets Jap four-stroke chassis


BORED OF the never-ending gaggle of Japanese four-stroke superbikes? Then The Two Stroke Shop, located in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, could have the answer, in the shape of their 1100cc two-stroke ZX-10R.

The company's proprietor, Stephen Rothwell and partner Wayne Wright (designer of two-stroke motors for GP race teams) have built an 1100cc three-cylinder machine to rival modern MotoGP racers. With a claimed 250 hp at the rear wheel and 160 ft.lbs. of torque plonked in a lightly-modded Kawasaki ZX-10R, Rothwell's concoction should prove utterly devastating.

"What the world needed was an answer to the current litre bikes, which we find anemic," Rothwell told "If a bike can't hoist the wheel in 4th gear off the throttle then it's not a superbike."

We couldn't agree more.