125 rider garroted by dog-walkers

Couple string dog-lead across path, causing grievous bodily harm

A DOG-WALKING couple are wanted by police after garroting a motorcycle rider with their dog-lead.

Chris Richmond, 23, of Newton Heath, Manchester,was out with friends when they came across a group of teenagers with a 125cc motorcycle. Richmond took the motorcycle for a spin and rode past a couple of middle-aged dog walkers.

He was catapulted from the motorcycle when the walkers stretched their lead across the path. Richmond was taken to hospital suffering burns and bruising on his neck.

Following the attack, Richmond told the Mirror: “I remember the woman giving me a dirty look beforehand, as if to say, ‘You shouldn’t be doing that. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been but that was no way to react. You don’t expect that from middle-aged people. They could have called the police, who would have moved us on. I couldn’t breathe and thought I was going to die.”