‘Long Way Up will happen’ says Boorman

You heard it here first!

‘Long Way Up will happen’ says Boorman

TWO DAYS AGO we broke the news of a possible ‘Long Way Up’, and now we can confirm that plans are afoot!

After his first teasing post on Instagram and Twitter, Charley Boorman tweeted to confirm that the trip will happen ‘if all goes well’.

This of course sent fans into a frenzy, with many speculating on where the trip will take the intrepid duo, and others tweeting Boorman to tell him how the first two trips inspired them.

Others made the observation that McGregor’s wife, Eve, would be unlikely to join them this time round after the 47-year-old left her for his Fargo co-star last October.

And more cynical fans have suggested that Boorman may just be drumming up interest for an upcoming project of his own. After all, he did use the 'Long Way' name for his latest book, Long Way Back, which chronicled his recovery from a huge crash. 

There’s been no word from McGregor, Malkin or Alexanian, all of whom featured in Boorman’s original post. But Malkin has retweeted Boorman’s post, which certainly suggests he’s onboard.

For now, all we can do is sit and pray ‘all goes well’. Because ‘Long Way Up’ is sure to be epic.

And there’s still the question of motorcycles, and with Boorman affiliated to Triumph, and McGregor to Moto Guzzi, perhaps we could see the pair on different steeds. Who knows.

We’ve approached both manufacturers for comment, but unsurprisingly haven’t heard back yet.

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