Tokyo Show Special – Krazy Kat Lady

Cosplay megastar Mika dresses up as legendary 1980s superbike because of course she does

Krazy Kat Lady

A huge chunk of the madness of Japan can probably be put down to the horrendous (horrendous) jet lag, and the lack of proper food for a pasty Scotsman on tour. But it’s fair to say that there remains some proper lunacy over here, which isn’t easily explained. Like Mika here, who our big pal Masanari Matsumoto was good enough to introduce us to at the Tokyo Bike show this weekend.

Mika is a diminutive Japanese lady, who rides a Honda CBR250R, and loves her bikes – go Mika! But Mika also likes to go to bike shows and dress up like a Suzuki GSX1100 Katana, of a weekend.

And she’s put more effort into her ‘cosplay’ outfit than a Brit yummy mummy dressing up her little treasures on National Book Day. Her long silver hair extensions are an exact match for the Suzuki paint code on the Katana, and her outfit has genuine Katana logos. She’s got a fuel tap stuck on her side there, has made up a set of 1980s Yokohama ditchfinders into tyre ‘bangles’, and has fashioned a fairing hat out of a clear windshield and mini-indicators. We were a wee bit disappointed she’s not managed to use genuine Suzuki new-old-stock flashers for her hat, but tbf, the weight of the giant winkers would probably crick her petite wee Japanese lady-neck. Which no-one wants to see. 

Despite the horror of her 'grey socks and flip-flops' faux pas though, we’re currently lobbying Suzuki GB to bring Mika on a European tour, in time for next year’s Motorcycle Live show. Failing that, if any of our fine Black Country ladies (or lads!) think they can do better, we’ll be more than happy to back your bids for NEC Katana Kosplay action…