Honda breaks world record with 130mph lawnmower

Firestorm-powered Mean Mower makes 778hp per tonne

HONDA has entered the Guinness World Records with the fastest ever lawnmower, at an average speed of 116.57mph.

Honda UK’s 1000cc Mean Mower beat the previous record by almost 30mph at the Idiada Proving Ground, in Tarragona, Spain, driven by Piers Ward of BBC TopGear Magazine.

The successful record attempt was measured with a 100-metre speed trap and overseen by Guinness adjudicators.

The Mean Mower makes 109hp and 70lbft using a VTR1000 Firestorm engine. It weighs just 140kg, giving a power-to-weight ratio of 778hp per tonne.

It’s set up and geared to hit over 130mph flat-out.

Suddenly we want to cut the grass after all.