BMW permanent erection claim tossed out

Evidence doesn’t stand up in court

A MAN who claimed riding a BMW K1100RS gave him a permanent erection has had his claim dismissed in court.

Henry Wolf, from California, alleged four hours on the BMW in 2010 left him with an erection for two years.

He sought compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and ‘general damages’ from BMW and seat-maker Corbin-Pacific.

But the claim has been tossed out by the Superior Court of San Francisco, where judge James J McBride ruled the plaintiff did not present enough supporting evidence.

The court accepted testimony of a urologist, Dr Jack McAninch, that the plaintiff suffered from priapism, a condition involving a persistent erection.  

But it rejected testimony of a neurologist, Dr Jonathan Rutchik, that it was possible for vibrations from a motorcycle to cause priapism.

The defendants’ evidence included testimony from the bike’s former and subsequent owners, as well as Corbin-Pacific chief exec Mike Corbin.