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What's the worst thing about motorcycling in winter?

When old man winter decides to make a visit there's a number of complications for motorcyclists, but what is the worst?

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Submitted by Visordown on Tue, 17/01/2017 - 12:53



Still got bikes that have seen 10 winters couriering. Just stop washing metalwork in October to allow a film of Diesel to build up and grease moving parts well.Ride 'em it's more fun than mollying.

Just allowed a protective layer of corrosion to build up, nowadays with the Honda I use ACF50 which appears to work.

Today I got out my old HG Pathans, together with heated grips & hand guards my hand stayed the same temperature, I do miss the old HG stores as the mid range kit just worked!

Same as me basically,my old Bandit gets ridden all year round but despite Suzuki's dire reputation theres hardly any corrosion due to ACF50. I wear HG Pathans as well but mine are worn and I also have a pair of Held "Lobster claws" for when it's around zero,the lining is still intact unlike my old faithful HGs which makes for a bit more warmth. after being a Luddite for years I'd never ride a bike in winter again without heated grips,had too many years of riding with no feeling in my fingers which apart from anything else is dangerous.
I hate ice,don't mind the cold as you just keep adding thin layers until you're warm,thermals are a lifesayer. No need to be cold and wet these days,when I started it was jeans,plastic "building site"overtrousers when it was wet and a Leather jacket with a jumper underneath. I must have been hardier then as no matter how dire the weather it didn't bother me wearing stuff I only wear in summer on the bike now. We also had brakes that didn't work in the wet and tyres were shit as well,this is what's now known as "the good old days". Never mess with an old "year round "biker,they're either clinically insane or have faced death so often they're not scared of anything.

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