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Top 10 motorcycles of all time

Which models stood head and shoulders above their peers?

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Submitted by Visordown on Wed, 11/10/2017 - 16:27

TRYING to list the best bikes ever made, and to keep that list down to no more than 10, is sure to be contentious. The number of candidates is enormous and everyone will have an opinion on which are the most deserving.

So you can be sure that there will be machines here that you don’t believe merit a spot, just as you’re certain to have ideas of your own about the ones that should be included instead. As usual, don’t simmer in silence, let us know in the comments.

Here's our top 10 countdown, starting with...

10. Brough Superior SS100

The very concept of ‘best’ is hard to define. Does it mean commercial success, outright performance, quality of materials or intrinsic design? For at least three of those categories, the Brough SS100 can claim to have outstripped its period rivals. In terms of speed, quality and engineering it’s a legend. Launched in 1924, it was still a world-beater when production ended in 1940 (thanks to WW2). The war also stopped development of rivals, so even during the 1950s those old SS100s were still about as fast as road bikes could get.



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