Top 10 Chinese bikes

Are they really the next big thing?

THE Chinese motorcycle industry is a confusing maze of intertwined companies, often sharing parts, rebranding other firms’ machines or brazenly copying well-known designs. For most European riders, the idea of a Chinese bike is synonymous with throw-away scooters and learner-legal 125s.

Often these bikes are scrap the moment a spare part is needed, and build quality ranges from ‘terrible’ to ‘why did they make the frame from cheese?’

But China’s bike industry is improving fast, and there are actually plenty of bikes out there that merit a second look – or would if they were available internationally.

Here’s our top 10 countdown of the most interesting and capable bikes to emerge from China so far. Starting with...


10: Sur-Ron Angel

No, we haven’t had a chance to ride it, or even to see one close up, but the Sur-Ron Angel looks like a pretty convincing electric motorcycle. The firm claims a moderate 60-mile range and 60mph performance, which isn’t much to shout about, but a cast alloy frame weighing just 7.8kg, plus ABS brakes and decent styling mean it’s the sort of thing that could actually be quite appealing over here if it was cheap enough.



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