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7 incredible pictures that captured THAT clash between Jack Miller and Bautista

Jack Miller makes his feelings known after being taken out by Alvaro Bautista...

Submitted by Joe Murfitt on Tue, 16/05/2017 - 12:57

JACK MILLER was fined 1000 Euros for this push on Alvaro Bautista after the pair tangled at the Spanish MotoGP. 

"There was no way he was going to stop the bike for turn one, he came in hot, I was already halfway into the corner and then he lost the front and cleaned me out," Miller said. 

“I pushed him, it's not the right thing to do. It was just the frustration because the first five laps I had so many people run me wide...” 

Bautista insisted he had done nothing crazy to cause the accident - and was more upset by a kick to his bike than being pushed. 

“I was trying to overtake him correctly. I can understand how Jack felt, because when you crash and it's not your fault you will be angry, but I didn't expect him to kick my bike. I didn't like that from him."

1. Bautista tries to pass Miller at turn one, but falls and takes them both out (pic: Gold&Goose).

2. Bautista heads for his bike, Miller heads for Bautista… (pic: Gold&Goose).

3. Miller pushes Bautista (pic: Gold&Goose).

4. Bautista falls (pic: Gold&Goose).

5. Miller is still fuming (pic: Gold&Goose).

6. Miller gives Bautista's bike a kick (pic: Gold&Goose).

7. Miller and Bautista attempt to rejoin, but it's race over for them both (pic: Gold&Goose).

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